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Upward Bound 2021 Summer Program

General Information about Teacher and Teacher's Aide Positions (pdf)

Teacher Positions

Job Description (pdf)

  • English:
    • Creative Writing/ Writing Composition (1 available positions)
    • Professional Correspondence/ Public Speaking (1 available positions)
  • Math:
    • Personal Finances (1 available position)
    • Economics (1 available position)
    • Fundamental Mathematics (1 available position)
  • Science:
    • Food & Nutrition (1 position available)
    • Environmental Science (1 position available)
    • Personal & Community Health (1 position available)
  • Liberal Arts:
    • Psychology/ Mental Health Fist Aid (1 position available)
    • Social Justice (1 position available)
    • Urban Planning (1 position available)
  • Enrichment:
    • Freshmen Seminar (1 position available)
Teacher's Aide Positions

Job Description (pdf)

  • Freshmen: 1 position available
  • Sophomores: 1 position available
  • Juniors: 1 position available
  • Seniors: 1 position available

If you are interested in applying for the Teacher or Teacher’s Aide positions visit

Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. To ensure full consideration, please submit your materials by Wednesday, March 31, 2021. For questions, please e-mail or call TRIO Upward Bound at (217) 333-1889.

As openings become available, OMSA posts links to job descriptions and application forms.

Please check back periodically for updates and additional job openings.

Students are encouraged to also check the campus' Virtual Job Board.

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