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OMSA provides direct guidance and sponsorship to two of the University of Illinois' many registered student organizations: the Minority Association of Future Attorneys and the Minority Association of Pre-health Students.

Minority Association for Future Attorneys (MAFA)

MAFA is an organization designed for minority students who are interested in attending law school. Among its goals are to:

  • connect future attorneys with services and information, including the coordination of a practice LSAT
  • provide assistance in the preparation for and admission to law school
  • expose students to professionals in the law field, admissions directors and deans, law professors and law schools through the MAFA Speaker Series
  • promote peer advising, such as the mentoring program with the Black Law Student Association
  • participate in law forums, mock trials, and volunteer and community service programs
  • encourage student involvement in research, leadership and volunteer activities

Advisor: Betoel Escobar, uescobar@illinois.edu

MAFA Website

Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS)

MAPS is an organization dedicated to providing academic and emotional support for underrepresented UI students who are interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. Among the goals of MAPS are to:

  • act as a unifying force for underrepresented students on campus and throughout the community by maintaining a sound relationship with community members through volunteer service
  • provide guidance and resources for underrepresented students wishing to matriculate into healthcare
  • promote the awareness and education of minorities on issues concerning options in the healthcare field

Advisor: Susan McKenna, mckenna1@illinois.edu

MAPS Website