TRIO Upward Bound Program

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Our vision is that Upward Bound students be inspired to excel, graduate from college, and succeed in life.


The Upward Bound Program is committed to providing its students with high quality academic, cultural, and career related activities designed to:

  1. Prepare them to successfully complete high school, enroll in an accredited post – secondary institution, and successfully complete a baccalaureate four degree.
  2. Provide an environment which inspires students to learn, grow, and become capable and confident young adults.

Our objectives have been created to ensure that each participant be provided with the opportunity to pursue such services as: academic enrichment activities; tutoring; study skill development; academic advising and coaching; ACT/SAT test preparation; leadership development; career development; and college selection, admission, and financial workshops.


Upward Bound is divided into TWO major components: A Summer Component and an Academic Year Component.

  • Summer Component – The Summer Component is an intensive six-week session which takes place on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. During this period, the Upward Bound students live in a residence hall and attend classes designed to improve their academic skills. Field trips to cultural events and visits to other colleges and universities are just two of the activities undertaken during the Summer Component.
  • Academic Year Component – During the Academic Year Component students are engaged in academic advising, tutoring, supplemental instruction, and college preparation. Students are required to attend tutorial sessions every Monday and Wednesday and test preparation workshops. In addition, students are provided the following services: ACT/SAT test preparation; field trips; career development; leadership development; college visits; and assistance in selecting colleges, completing college applications; and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The two components combined make the Upward Bound experience a continuous process from the time the student enters the program until she/he enters the post-secondary institution of their choice. Emphasis is placed upon students acquiring the skills necessary for acceptance into a college and success in college.


Demonstrate academic potential and a need for academic support in order to successfully complete high school and post-secondary education.

Meet the requirement for a first-generation college student (neither parent has obtained a 4-Year Degree) OR meet the income guidelines determined by the U.S. Department of Education, along with the criteria established by the Upward Bound Office.

You must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the United States (Unless evidence is provided from the Immigration and Naturalization Services that you are in the U.S. for other than a temporary purpose).

Target Schools

  • Centennial High
  • Central High
  • Urbana High


Complete and submit the student application for admission (pdf) along with a copy of the following information:

  • Parent’s most recent Federal Income Tax Forms (i.e. 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ)
  • Student’s most recent grades with grade point average listed
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Counselor Recommendation Form (To be completed by the student’s high school counselor)

When the application is complete and have been returned to the Upward Bound Office, you may be invited to schedule an interview with the Upward Bound staff to discuss your application and determine the extent to which you are serious about continuing and completing your education. Upon the successful completion of the application and interview process student will be accepted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Upward Bound Program.


  • Domonic Cobb, Associate Dean and Interim Director
  • Keanya Jackson, Program Assistant
  • Shaniqua Sibley, Program Assistant
  • Bob Nelson, Office Support Specialist

For more information, please contact the TRIO Upward Bound Program at (217) 333-1889 or