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Photo of presentor at recent Summer Research Institute event

Being a Ronald E. McNair Scholar means pouring your passion and interests into a research project as an undergraduate student. It also means working with respected and accomplished faculty mentors and presenting your research project at conferences, seminars and symposia.

The Summer Research Institute is the culmination of the Scholars' research work during the academic year and just one of the many opportunities to make presentations in the presence of faculty, staff and fellow students.

In 2010, OMSA celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Ronald E. McNair Scholars program at Illinois. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the program encourages and empowers students to pursue careers in academia who are undergraduates and members of groups underrepresented among American faculty. The summer experience supports this goal, as the students are exposed to research projects and methodology, attend motivational and informational workshops and conferences and prepare for application, selection and admission to graduate school. Many UI students do so well in their presentations that they often win prizes at student research conferences.

The McNair Scholars program would not be possible without the assistance of faculty serving as mentors, graduate students serving as team leaders, and support provided by many individuals and units across campus. OMSA thanks them all with a deep appreciation for their continued commitment to the program.

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